Lion REED Oil and Scum Blotting Sheets (12 Pcs, 20 cm)

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Lion REED Oil and Scum Blotting Sheets (12 Pcs, 20 cm)

Made in Japan

Product features:

The "slit" prevents the sheet from floating, just by placing the sheet on it, and the "ac" and "oil" that collect on the edge of the pot are adsorbed on both sides of the sheet! Not only simmered and hot pot lye, but also clean oil to reduce calories.

1. Clean the oil of simmered dishes, curry, and stew to reduce calories!

One sheet can reduce about 220kcal * 1 for medium size and about 380kcal * 2 for large size.

* 1: For 4 meat potatoes (according to our research),

* 2: For 6 meat potatoes (according to our research)

2. Adopting a new slit pattern

Efficiently adsorbs "Aku" and "Oil" that easily collect on the edge of the pot on both sides of the sheet!

Since it adsorbs only lye and oil, the broth does not decrease easily, and the lye and oil once taken will not be released.

Medium size (20 cm in diameter)

Large size (26 cm in diameter)

3. Because it is a soft material that easily fits in broth and food, it has a "drop lid effect"!

Boiled foods and stewed dishes are deliciously finished.

[Drop lid effect]

・ Since the broth rotates evenly, the seasoning liquid soaks in quickly.

・ The ingredients do not move easily in the broth, so it does not easily crumble.

4. It has excellent heat resistance, so it can also be used as a pressure cooker. (Do not use with pressure cookers)

5. This product has been confirmed by a third-party organization to comply with the "standards for foods, additives, etc." established based on the Food Sanitation Law.

How to use:

Precautions for use:

  • When putting the sheet in or out of the pan, reduce the heat to low and use chopsticks. There is a risk of getting burned by touching the pot or broth.
  • When putting the sheet in the pan, be careful not to let it stick out of the pan. The sheet may melt due to heat.
  • Do not reuse as it is not hygienic.
  • Do not stack several sheets. The sheet may lift and spill.
  • In the case of a pressure cooker, use it while confirming that the pressure regulating valve is operating.
  • Not used in pressure cookers.
  • Do not use on the bottom of a pot, frying pan dishes other than simmered dishes, oven dishes, roasted dishes (sautéed meat and fish), fried dishes, and oil strainers.
  • It does not dissolve in water, so do not flush it into a flush toilet or sink.

Precautions for storage:

  • Do not place the box near a heat source such as a gas stove or oven.
  • Do not store with insect repellents, pesticides, air fresheners, cosmetics, soaps/detergents, or foods with strong odors.
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Lion REED Oil and Scum Blotting Sheets (12 Pcs, 20 cm)